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“In the winter of 1966, a lady whose name I think was Martha Thomas, came to my door and I invited her in. As she was one of the elderly ladies she could not speak English very well and I could not speak Gwitchin at all (we called it Tukudh). She held out a brown paper bag towards me and the conversation went something like this:

MT- For you.

BE- This is for me. (taking the bag)

MT- Yes.

I opened the bag, took out the hat and while Martha laughed I figured out what it was and put it on.

BE- Wow thank you very much.

MT- No wear today. We wear when me little girl.

BE- Thank you very much. I will wear it.

I have found this hat the warmest one I have ever worn. It keeps out the wind

and protects the neck from the cold.”

Beth-Ann Exham

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